Network Simulator 2 Debain VM

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As part of my MSc I needed to use NS2 and so I went out to install it. The installation is fairly simple if the user understands Linux and is fairly experienced.

With this in mind, I have created a Debain Virtual Machine for people use use, so they don’t need to learn Linux to install it. With it being a VM, it means that, as long as you have VMware installed, it will work on any machine.

System: Debian 6 “Squeeze” i686
User: root
Password: ns123456
Memory: 512mb (Changeable)
HDD: 3GB, of which 1.7GB is used.
Download: Debain NS2.rar (527mb)
Download: VMwarePlayer3.exe (104mb)

Have fun.

P.S. For VMwarePlayer for Linux and OSx, have a look on the VMware site.