How to giffgaff a Blackberry

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This is a heads up preview of my latest guide for giffgaff, I’ll be submitting it sometime soon! Order a SIM for free via ggsim!

I have compiled this guide from setting up a blackberry and deciphering badly written guides from other sites and help from members of the giffgaff forum.
It is aimed at BB OS 5 users.

What?! I have to do things myself!

Unfortunately RIM, the makers of blackberry decided tight security was more important than usability and so they created something called a BIS. A BIS, is a server that resides in the magical land of the mobile phone network and so, costs the mobile operator to run a whole independant server purely for blackberry services. That is why to use a blackberry on O2 and other network you need the Blackberry bolt-on/package.
As giffgaff is relatively new in the mobile network market and also cheap this mean they currently do not have a BIS and so functionality for a Blackberry is limited to calls and Texts and possibly internet via Opera; that is unless you are willing to do some work.
This guide assumes you know how to install software via the Blackberry Desktop Manager; if you don’t then please read through the help provided with the program.

What wont work at all?

Windows Live Messenger / MSN Messenger
gTalk / Google Talk
Blackberry Messenger
Push Emails (The blackberry emails that’s built in)
Possibly alot more things as the BIS is highly integrated

What does this BIS do?

Simply, it encrypts all data between your phone and the mobile network so it can’t be snooped at via the mobile airwaves.

giffgaff APN (TCP/IP Settings)

Lets setup the internet access.

  1. Press the BB menu button
  2. Open Options
  3. TCP/IP
  4. Check APN Enabled,
  5. Input “” into the APN box
  6. Check APM Auth. enabled
  7. Input “giffgaff” into the username box
  8. Input “password” into the password box
Internet via Opera

Opera should give you internet access without any other fafing on. It’s a great browser but it isn’t as deeply integrated into the phone as the Blackberry Browser but if all you need it simpe surfing this is for you.

  1. Goto on your computer
  2. Download the correct version for your Blackberry
  3. Install it via the Blackberry Desktop Manager
  4. Job done. Get yaself a cuppa!
But I want proper blacberry facebook!

Hold on… This is a long winded process and this will be the end result.

Install a ‘legacy servicebook

I don’t know exactly what a service book is, but its something to do with telling what programs how they can access other resources i.e. the internet!

  1. Download the Legacy Service book from (
  2. Press the BB menu button
  3. Open Options
  4. Click Advanced Options
  5. Click Service Book
  6. Hold ALT and Type “SBEB” (Blackberry 71xx and 81xx devices should hold ALT and type “SSBEB”
  7. AYou should see “Legacy Service Books Enabled” Onscreen
  8. Plug you blackberry into your computer
  9. Install the service book that you downloaded in step 1. (If you are unsure, please check with the program.)
  10. Restart your blackberry (Just to force the new settings).
How to get the default browser working
  1. Press the BB menu button
  2. Open Options
  3. Click Advanced Options
  4. Click Browser
  5. Under “Default Browser Config” set it to “Brower
Remove any existing Facebook apps
  1. Press the BB menu button
  2. Open Options
  3. Click Applications
  4. Choose “Add-ons”
  5. Click Facebook
  6. Then Remove Facebook
  7. Restart your Blackberry (I had to remove my battery for this to work properly)
Install a older super awesome Facebook!

There is only one version of facebook that is guranteed to work with BB OS5 without a BIS.

  1. Download the Facebook app from (
  2. Make sure you have followed the “Remove Facebook” instructions above.
  3. Plus your BB into your PC
  4. Install the Facebook app you just downloaded
  5. Login to Facebook
  6. Enjoy poking your friends with you giffgaffed blackberry
Google Maps not working?

Try downloading the latest version

  1. With your newly working Blackberry Browser visit
  2. Install it
Need Gmail?
  1. With your newly working Blackberry Browser visit
  2. Install it
Confirmed working programs:

Opera 6
Blackberry Browser
Google Maps 4.5.1
Gmail App

I hope this guide is easy for blackberry users to follow.

This guide was taken from many sources that haven’t been credited; this is not the case for the final version being supplied to giffgaff; this guide will be updated to credit those whose work this is. This guide just pulls other guides together in one simple(ish) to understand place.

Opened up comments for a short time on this post only, this is so members of the giffgaff community can comment and help make this guide perfect before submission to giffgaff.

Edit 2:
The guide for giffgaff is now online here.

Some alternatives:
Trillian – (Paid-for) MSN, Google Talk, AIM, Facebook Chat etc – Not Guaranteed Working.
LiveProfile – (Free) Twitter and Facebook plus more – Not Guaranteed Working.
Nimbuzz – (Free) MSN, Google Talk, AIM, Facebook Chat etc – Reported Working
WhatsApp – (Free) Messenger for cross-platform chat between Android, iPhone etc – Reported Working