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Well I have re-developed from its incredably quick and hacky code to something alot more professional.

For those that don’t already know, I was contacted by a member of the giffgaff community to help out with a new project. The idea being that will be URL shortener for the giffgaff affiliate link, which is does really well but the community required a ‘feature’ of being able to track the number of clicks.

I created a simple database that logs the username, number of clicks and month/year. I was then asked to expand this to include the microgaff service ( so the database grew.

Within a a few weeks gg-sim has grew and now has 45 users. In which prompted another new feature; The Community Resources.

This is a place where all the content creators in the giffgaff community can get thir creations hosted for download instead of sites like rapidshare and mediahost etc etc. It also means that anyone looking for content can visit the download section and find stuff to download much easier than trawling through the forums. The community resources is still developing but it utilises a customised version of ldir and some of the customisations made it into the latest release.

The next stage for the community resources is the tracking of the number of downloads a particular file gets which will be developed.

So any members of giffgaff why not try! And if you’re not part of giffgaff then order a sim today!