Last Week

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Here’s a sneak look into my boring life.

What have I been doing this last week?

  • Uni – Network Management Assignment
  • Uni – Java Assignment
  • Web – Create and Develop gg-sim, a new giffgaff community website.
  • Friends – Help with their Java
  • Friends – Burn off a few discs
  • Myself – Start a re-installation of windows on my pc
  • Myself – Apply for a PCDL
  • MySelf – apply for a few jobs
  • giffgaff – Submit “How to giffgaff a blackberry” guide & giffgaff

If you’re a member of giffgaff then this site will be of particular use and if you’re not a member, then why not? Order a SIM now! (Order a giffgaff SIM with a bonus £5 credit!)

This site (gg-sim) is a cool idea conceived by the community member samlowe which I contacted about helping develop the idea more. It is a shorter URL for all giffgaff affiliate links! A whole 17 characters shorter, well yeah, I know its not a lot but it’s a link which is descriptive enough, pretty enough to not confuse people and also memorable.

I join and developed basic click tracking stats through the aid of PHP and MySQL, which in turn allowed me to develop a useful and simple stats site. The stats site, checks to see if your link is available, gives you your gg-sim personal link and also a generated QR-Code to use on posters and such.

The site not only tracks standard referral SIMs, if the user is signed up to the scheme, it will also shorten your MicroSIM link and generate a QR-Code for that (although there are less checks on this system).

I am aiming to develop it further throughout this week, with a community resources page in the works, a place for members of the giffgaff community to host their files.

giffgaff is awesome, and really cheap, if you order your SIM via the link on my site, you will gain an extra £5 when you top-up!
Did I mention they are cheap?
They have unlimited Internet and Texts and 250mins all for £10/month (one month type contract) but it’s also Pay as you go with competitive rates! Oh and free 0800 numbers!

Uni Assignments

I now only have 2 left of the semester! Woo hoo but I also have 2 practial tests on Cisco CCNA type problems.