ldir bug 1.7.3-1

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I have just found a bug in ldir (Bug #1), which unfortunately trails all the way to 1.6.5.

The bug doesn’t effect PHP5 installations but it effects all PHP4 installations.

I unknowingly used the function strripos() and stripos() which were only introduced in PHP5. The bug got past because I was using a personally modded PHP4 install.

I will be patching the current code to include a check for the functions, like I did with scandir() function. I will also be issuing a patch file which you will have to require_once() before ldir which will contain the patch for any previous version.

Sorry for any inconvenience and this bug fix is top priority.


Bug fix (1.7.3-1 0.0.3) is online and ldir is now fixed.

Changelog entry 1.7.3-1 logs this bug, found in version 1.7.3 bug 1.

And FYI 0.0.3 is version 0.0.3 of the fix, yes it took 3 attempts!