ldir 1.7.10 Released

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After reading through ldir’s latest release I found a few bugs which have now been fixed in ldir 1.7.10.

I’ve also rewritten the icon file type check, so we assume some common file types are available and then add any new ones to the array on that call, so if that type is found again in that folder, the icon is already known. All in all resulting in a considerably faster speed for listing the same file types or common files.

There are more extensions supported than listed but I chose not to include them all but you can if you wish.

I will also be looking at overhauling the icons and providing them as a pack allowing you to self host which at the moment isn’t possible due to licesning issue.

Version 1.7.10

  • Speed optimisations
  • Rewrote icon checking
  • Added supported common icons list
  • Suppressed header() / ob_flush() calls
  • Fixed ‘parent folder’ link not working