ldir 1.8.1 released!

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While using ldir within a different project, I found a couple of bugs releated to how it retrieves its own URL/URI so I figured out a better way of retrieving this information and updated ldir available to everyone else.

I have decided to deprecate the $GET parameter when using the function as it should now detect $_GET variables automatically and utilise them although this maybe still be a little buggy but the ultimate aim is for it to figure out the $_GET variables itself.

In the time it took me to write a post for version 1.8.0 I improved some of the $_GET parameter code so I incemented the version number to 1.8.1 and you can grab the latest version of ldir on its page as always


  • Automatic $_GET variable detection
  • Improved $_GET variable detection
  • Microtime generation time in HTML comments
  • Improved SELF detection for the link URL