Services being retired…

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As part of the ongoing development of my site and services, there will be some services that will be discontinued within the next few months.


Services Portal

This is really just a very static web page which probably isn’t used, it’s a pain to maintain and really just a waste of disk space. This service will be removed on 6th April 2013. If you use this service then please book mark the pages you require from the services portal.


Filestore turns to Cloud Files

As some users of my filestore system may know, the uploading method isn’t very simple and overall the hosting of files can be much easier on other services, this is why I have overhauled the filestore system.

The current filestore system isn’t going away just yet but will be migrated to a better solution. The new filestore will be more cloud-like with the ability to store calendar and contact information, along with a sync tool for computers (Mac, PC, Android and iOS) and a simple new interface. The same interface will be available for file sharing and a directory list will continue to be available.

This new service will be under the files subdomain and not filestore, this is to help the transition be smooth, I will be contacting the relevant users when this change will come into effect.



The web manager will also go through a change, mainly to give users more control over their services but to also be more mobile compatible. This change won’t effect any files and migration will be made once all the new services are ready to be used. This will however mean that some interfaces will change, so don’t be surprised when everything’s suddenly different; we will leave the old manager available for a short period of time as things transition.



This service is going to be retired in the near future. It shouldn’t be being used and I don’t wish for it to be publicly available anymore. This is really just a courtesy notice in case anyone is using it.



Anybody using the backup system that I provided will be migrated to the private cloud system which will be a similar system to the successor of the filestore (above) but it will be contained on a separate server, require different credentials and also have limited sharing abilities.


Services Already Removed

The (very) old static blog site that was left up for historical reasons has finally been removed; along with a small server list containing servers that are no longer active.


So overall there’s some exciting new changes being made in the near future.