Stop targeting devices!

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Responsive Web Design is here to stay, it is now regarded as the way to develop sites and contain the same core content across devices through the same site.

In many cases and I have done this myself, Responsive Web Design has been explained and sold as a set of views one for mobile, one for tablet and one for computer but this is not actually the case and it shouldn’t be explained like this at all as it gives the wrong impression of what the technology does.

This type of web development shouldn’t be to target specific device types or even specific devices i.e. different views for iPad and nexus 7 or mobile and desktop but rather to give accessibility and similar experiences to all resolutions.

The key here is that is requires a change in mentality for the designers and developers as we’re not working to a specific device set or even towards a set view at set resolutions but rather a layout that flows and changes as necessary with graceful degradation when viewed on strange resolutions.

We also need to consider working in pixels has become kinda irrelevant due to high DPI (retina) grade screens where a single pixel is only half or even a quarter of a pixel on standard screens.

Overall designers and developers need to start using terms such as small screen and large screens instead of mobile vs desktop along with considering a small screen physically might be classed as a large screen pixel wise.