Windows XP Uniscribe Printing Problem

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So a couple of weeks back, I started my new job and one of the first issues that I was tasked with was to fix some printing issues.

The main issue was when somebody printed, was, it was missing out letters from the actual print out but only for certain documents and only ‘random’ computers.

After investigation, it was found that it was Windows XP based computers and the main letters that were missing was t and i if they were together ‘ti’ so for instance ‘Function’ printed as ‘Func  on’  other issues arose when specific characters were used such as \ and / etc.

We found a post on spiceworks that detailed the same problem and a post only containing single link to a Microsoft KB (KB2642020) article was actually the issue specifically with Windows Server 2008 Print Servers.

I popped the simple registry fix in via group policy and push to to Windows XP machines only via WMI filters.


The Group Policy looks like the following:

Printer Uniscribe Issue GPO