ARGUS Pool User to Certificate WebUI

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As previously mentioned, I have written a nasty bash script to get the user certificate DN for a given username in ARGUS.

This is a step further, it is a WebUI that is seeded by data updated via a script in a cronjob on ARGUS, it requires a shared filesystem (in this case, /mt/admin or it requires ARGUS to have PHP and a WebServer.

The latest files are on github.

It depends on the following:


The bash/shell script is run on argus to produce an output, every 30minutes should suffice.

The web files only need access to the output file created by the shell script along with a basic webserver running php and php-ldap.

The search box at the top, if it correctly loads all required javascript allows users to search the table beneath, including partial searching.

A table displaying ARGUS Pool users and Certificates