Linux ZFS Quotas and my hacked solution

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ZFS in linux doesn’t support quotas, this is a pain in the arse.
After deploying ZFS on our various NFS servers, we were hitting issues where users can’t check their ZFS quotas and specifically on their home space directories.

After a frustrating amount of time researching, I found that there is a Github PR/Merge awaiting for the support and not wanting to compile my own version of ZFS for production gear, I wrote a little set of scripts to hack around the issue for the time being.

You can find a version of the scripts on my github grid-scripts and the latest at github zfs-quota.

Just pop the server script on your ZFS server and have cron run it every x minutes along with piping the stdout to a shared location (we’re using NFS mounted on /mnt/home and then the client script needs to be on all client machines (we used puppet to distribute it). The you should have ZFS Quotas for your end users.

Quota Report

ZFS Quota Output

Its a very quick and dirty script hacked together to solve the problem quickly, so your mileage my vary. If you have any improvements or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.