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Progress has been slow, I’ve decided to take a few days break from working.

Wonderful Help2 (Whelp2) has not got a simple XML GET API for users and tickets, viewing tickets, deleting tickets and its replies and a simple control section.

There will be more development soon so keep checking back.


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Well today, I released an update to ldir, nothing major; the biggest change is the refresh link, which now doesn’t refresh the icon cache.

I have also made headway on the development of whelp2.

whelp or WonderfulHelp is my helpdesk system that I wrote for Uni, well I’m now re-developing it to be more robust and useful.

This will then become part of my dissertation system nAdmin; the development of whelp will be recorded as part of my dissertation project.

Just a short and sweet post and dont forget to checkout ldir.

IPv6 Day!

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Today is IPv6 day; to try and raise and raise awareness of the impending doom that is the IPv4 exhustion.

There are no more available IP’s in the IPv4 spec which means everything needs to slowly migrate to IPv6.

but this post was just to say, this site is IPv6 ready!

ipv6 ready

MiniDLNA & Xbox360

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So, I have been using MiniDLNA for about 6 months now and just finally got it working with my Xbox360.

It works perfectly with my Samsung TV which has DLNA to view videos over the network but I stuggled to get it working with the Xbox.

I followed all the guides which said to change the following


but I has changed my Serial Number and Model Number from the defaults.

This was the issue! The Serial and Model numbers NEED to be numbers and not text and not include any spaces.

Once these are set you have the xbox360 and MiniDLNA working perfectly!

I highly suggest using MiniDLNA if you require DLNA software, its small, simple and works perfect.

Update to Subnet Calc

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I have updated my subnet calculator as it was giving an incorrect CIDR notations.

Grab it here: Subnet Calc.xlsx (19Kb)

I hope this simple Spreadsheet can help others as much as it’s helped me.