PHP SNMP Functions

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As part of a project, I have utilised PHPs SNMP functions and after some testing, I have found that SNMPWalk is considerably slower than multiple SNMPGet.

I was aiming to retrieve 6 Objects from a MIB; the device being polled was attached via a 100mbps network link.
I decided to run SNMPGet within a loop to retrieve each Object from the specified OID’s.
As these OID’s were within the same tree, I then thought about using walk as this would consolidate the data into a single request. I then walked the tree to get the same result.

I subsequently tested the time it took to retrieve this information via microtime().
As a result, you can retrieve 1 walk containing 6 OID’s within the same time as requesting 18 OIDs via get.

I hope this helps someone whom is looking to speed up their SNMP requests.

Batch Scripts and Sleep

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Every now and then I want to make my batch scripts pause or wait for x amount of time. Most solutions seem to utilise ping to make it wait as natively Windows doesn’t include a sleep or wait feature and pause only accepts a user input.

Here comes the timeout command!


will make your scripts wait for 10 seconds and display no output, without the >NUL it will display a countdown.


Debian Squeeze and Wine 1.4RC

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Download the .debs for Mepis 8 from this repo; remember to download wine-1.4~rc. and wine-dev-1.4~rc…

also it’s a good idea to grab winetricks while you’re at it, the newest version off the site should work. Just follow the instructions.

This is taken from a previous post.



giffgaff font Museo

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Just a quickie; the giffgaff font, is called Museo and is partially available for free including the web font!


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I have updated ldir (1.7.7), nothing major though it’s just an update to the URL where it checks for the latest version number. It’s now stored in a central place where other software I have developed checks it’s version.

Over the christmas period, I am planning on finalising the Helpdesk system Wonderful Help 2 and releasing it for public use; as well as looking at the ldir code to see how it can be improved as it’s a long time since it has had any major work developed for it.

The media library program is developing slowly with more features being planned. There are some optimisation issues at the moment but these will be addressed prior to release.

Read more about ldir here.